The software development kit (SDK) is used to access the Silicon Software hardware devices in the Silicon Software runtime environment. All VisualApplets implementations can be accessed using the SDK functions. VisualApplets can generate an individual SDK sample project for each VisualApplets implementation.

SDK Example Generator

For each VisulApplets project an SDK example can be generated. Click on BuildGenerate SDK example or select the icon in the Build toolbar to generate the example. A new window will open. First, a DRC level 1 is executed. If this DRC fails, no SDK example can be generated. To learn more about the DRC check 'Design Rules Check'. After a successful DRC, a folder selection window will be opened. The SDK example will be stored in the selected directory. Note that no subdirectory is generate. Creating a subdirectory might be useful. After hitting OK, the SDK example is generated and the window will be closed.

SDK Generator

Figure 109. SDK Generator

Usage of the Generated SDK Example

The generator will generate the source files as well as a Microsoft VisualStudio 6 project file which can also be used in newer versions of VisualStudio. The example can immediately be compiled and executed. All available parameters are included and exemplarily parameterized.

For a detailed explanation on the usage of a VisualApplets in the runtime check the runtime documentation. Use function Fg_getParameterIDByName() to obtain the unique parameter ID as shown in the example. A header file is generated for all enumerations in VisualApplets operators. A namespace with the name of the operator is created for each operator type used in the applet. Multiple enumerations are embedded in this namespace.