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Basler Standard Lights#

Basler's camera light portfolio from the Standard product line includes bar lights, ring lights, backlights, flat dome lights, dome lights, dark field lights, spotlights, and coaxial lights.

The lights are available in various sizes and with different LED colors. Basler also offers lights for the short-wave infrared (SWIR) light range.

Basler Standard Lights have been designed to work well with your Basler camera and lens and in combination with an external Basler SLP Strobe Controller.

The lights offer two operating modes: a voltage control mode and a current control mode.

  • In voltage control mode, no external controller is required to operate the lights. You can use the lights in continuous operation or control them by any trigger.
  • In current control mode, an external controller (such as the SLP Strobe Controller) is required. The current control mode allows the light to operate with, e.g., overdrive protection.

The lights are available with LEDs in four different colors: red, white, blue, and infrared. The LED color is indicated in the product name. For example, the Basler Standard Light Bar-10x100-Red has red LEDs.

SWIR lights are available for different wavelenghts, e.g., for 1050 nm. The wavelength is indicated in the product name. For example, the Basler Standard Light Bar-17x100-1050 is suitable for a wavelength of 1050 nm.

Basler Standard Lights

To find the right light for your application, visit the Basler website.

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