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marathon VCLx / marathon deepVCL#

marathon VCLx is a programmable, two-channel Camera Link frame grabber supporting the Camera Link standard in version 2.0.

marathon VCLx is fit for especially complex image processing as well as deep learning applications based on CNN (Convolutional Neuronal Networks).

marathon VCLx is also available as product variant marathon deepVCL. marathon deepVCL is already pre-licensed for running CNN applications developed by Basler. As marathon deepVCL is based on the hardware of marathon VCLx, all information provided below also applies to marathon deepVCL where not explicitly stated otherwise.

Two mini Camera Link connectors (SDR 26) are located directly on the slot bracket.

For connection to the computer, marathon VCLx is plugged into a PCIe 2.x (Gen 2) x 4 slot of your computer.

marathon VCLx / marathon deepVCL

Available Documentation#

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FPGA Programming Environment#

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