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Active Fan for Basler boost V Cameras#

The active fan for Basler boost V cameras provides an efficient way to cool down the camera during operation.

Installing an active fan is necessary if your application causes the camera to exceed its maximum operating temperature specified in the "Environmental Requirements" section of your camera model topic.

Active Fan for Basler boost V


Using an active fan is optional for all Basler boost V cameras, but is, however, recommended for the boA5120-230cc and boA5120-230cm cameras.

  • Order number: 2200001398
  • The active fan is delivered with two screws for attaching the active fan to the camera.

Technical Drawing#

boost V Active Fan Dimensions

Physical Specifications#

Dimensions See Technical Drawing
Speed 5400 rpm
Voltage Range 4.5–5.5 VDC
Power Input 0.7 W
Cable Length 150 mm
Active Fan Connector Rosenberger 59K204-301L5
Screws M4 × 10 mm, DIN 7984

General Information#

RoHS Compliance Yes
Warranty 1 year