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Basler Cable GigE, Cat 6, RJ45 sl hor/RJ45, DrC, P#

GigE cable for data transmission with RJ-45 plug with horizontal locking screws on the camera side. The twisted, shielded cable has an RJ-45 click-lock plug on the host side and is suitable for drag chain applications.

Basler Cable GigE, Cat 6, RJ45 sl hor/RJ45, DrC, P


The cable is suitable for the following camera models:

  • ace 2 5GigE
  • ace 2 GigE
  • ace GigE
  • aviator GigE
  • racer GigE
  • Basler ToF camera
Order Number Cable Length
2000027038 5 m
2000028341 10 m
2000027039 20 m
2000029551 25 m

Cable Drawing#

Cable Drawing

Suitability for Drag Chain Applications#

All cables of this series have been tested and declared suitable for use in drag chain applications. For test conditions, see the figure below. The cables are guaranteed for 1 million bending cycles.


The bending radius influences the number of bending cycles.
A bending radius larger than the one used during testing, leads to an increase in the number of bending cycles. A smaller bending radius has the opposite effect and results in a lower number of bending cycles.

Drag Chain Compliance Test Conditions

Read the topic about your camera model before connecting the cable to the camera. You can find your camera topic in the Area Scan Cameras section under "Models".

For cameras not included in the Basler Product Documentation, see the Document Downloads section of the Basler website.