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Basler Cable USB 3.0, Micro B 90° A1 sl/A (ace downwards), P#

USB 3.0 cable for data transmission with type A plug to Micro-B plug with screw lock, 90° angled.

Cable USB 3.0 Micro B 90° A1 SL/A (ace downwards, P)


The cable is suitable for the following camera models:

  • ace 2 USB 3.0
  • ace USB 3.0
Order Number Cable Length
2000036369 1 m
2000035994 3 m
2000035995 5 m

Cable Drawing#

Cable Drawing

Cable Connected to ace Camera#

Cable Connected to an ace Camera

Cable Connected to ace 2 Camera#

Cable Connected to an ace 2 Camera

Transfer Rates#

2000036369 / 2000035994 / 2000035595
USB 2.0 480 Mbps
USB 3.0 5 Gbps

Physical Specifications#

2000036369 / 2000035994 / 2000035595
Camera-Side Connector Micro-B with screw lock
Host-Side Connector Type A, USB-IF-compliant
Cable Diameter 6.2 mm max.
Minimum Bending Radius 125 mm, fixed installation
Minimum Number of Bending Cycles None (fixed installation only)
Suitable for Drag Chain Applications No
Suitable for Robotics Applications No

Electrical Specifications#

2000036369 / 2000035994 / 2000035595
Maximum Operating Voltage See the Basler Product Documentation for the power requirements of your camera.

Environmental Specifications#

2000036369 / 2000035994 / 2000035595
Operating Temperature 70 °C max., not moving

General Information#

2000036369 / 2000035994 / 2000035595
RoHS Compliance Yes
CE Conformity Yes
UL Conformity (Raw Cable) Yes
Warranty 3 years
NOTICE – Excessive force can damage the cable.

The following actions can damage the individual wires of the cable, which would result in a breakdown in the USB 3.0 data transmission:

  • putting heavy loads on the cable
  • mechanical shocks or strong vibration
  • external influences like scratching or hitting
  • bending with less than the minimum bending radius

Handle the cable with care and keep bending to a minimum, e.g., during installation.


When connecting the cable to the camera, consider that the position of the camera's USB 3.0 connector defines the direction the cable is guided within your installation.

Read the topic about your camera model before connecting the cable to the camera. You can find your camera topic in the Area Scan Cameras section under "Models".

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