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Basler I/O Cable, HRS 6p/open, P#

I/O cable with HRS 6-pin connector and open end.

Basler I/O Cable, HRS 6p/open, P


The cable is suitable for the following camera models:

  • boost V
Order Number Cable Length
2200001239 10 m

Cable Drawing#

Cable Drawing

Wiring Information#

Pin Number Wire Color Function
1 Brown Input 1
2 Pink Not connected
3 Green Output 1
4 Yellow I/O Ground
5 Gray I/O Ground
6 White I/O Ground

For more details, see the respective camera documentation.

Physical Specifications#

Camera-Side Connector Hirose, 6 pin [HR10A-7R-6S (73)]
Host-Side Connector None, open end
Cable Cross-Section 3 x 2 x 0.14 mm² (close to AWG 26)
Cable Diameter 5.8 mm
Wire Insulation PVC
Outer Jacket PVC
Minimum Bending Radius 34.8 mm (6 x cable diameter), fixed installation
Maximum Bending Cycles None (fixed installation only)
Suitable for Drag Chain Applications No
Suitable for Robotics Applications No

Electrical Specifications#

Test Voltage 1200 VDC
Wire Resistance ≤142 Ω/km

Environmental Specifications#

Operating Temperature Range -25–80 °C, not moving

Plug Specifications#

Durability >1000 mating cycles
Contact Resistance max. 10 mΩ
Contact Plating Silver
Protection Rating IP40
Plug Insulation Material Polyamide/PBT

General Information#

Conformity CE (includes RoHS)
Certificates for your cable
For more information, see the Compliance section of the Basler website.
Warranty 3 years

Read the topic about your camera model before connecting the cable to the camera. You can find your camera topic in the Area Scan Cameras section under "Models".