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Basler SLP Cable, HRS 6p/TBL-L, P#

SLP Cable for power and I/O with HRS 6-pin and TBL-L connectors.

Basler SLP Cable HRS 6p/TBL-L, P


The cable is suitable for the following products:

  • Basler SLP Strobe Controller
Order Number Cable Length
2200000327 3 m

Cable Drawing#

Cable Drawing

Wiring Information#

Pin Number Wire Color Function Pin Number (TBL-L)
1 Brown Camera Power 6
2 Pink Opto In 3
3 Green SLP Comm 4
4 Yellow Camera I/O 2 5
5 Gray Opto Ground 2
6 White Ground 1
Housing Black Shielding 1

For more details, see the Basler SLP Strobe Controller topic.

Physical Specifications#

Camera-side Connector Hirose 6 pin [HR10A-7P-6S (73)]
Host-side Connector Würth, TBL-L 3611
Cable Cross-section 3 x 2 x 0.14 mm² (close to AWG 26)
Cable Diameter 6.5 mm
Wire Insulation PVC
Outer Jacket PVC
Minimum Bending Radius 32.5 mm (5 x cable diameter), fixed installation
Maximum Bending Cycles None (fixed installation only)
Suitable for Drag Chain Applications No
Suitable for Robotics Applications No

Electrical Specifications#

Maximum Operating Voltage See the Basler SLP Strobe Controller topic for the power requirements of the Basler SLP Strobe Controller.
Wire Resistance <1 Ω

Environmental Specifications#

Operating Temperature Range -40–80 °C, not moving

Plug Specifications#

R10A-7P-6S (73) TBL-L 3611
Durability >1000 mating cycles n/a
Contact Resistance 10 mΩ max. 20 mΩ max.
Contact Plating Silver Brass (CuZn)
Protection Rating IP40 n/a
Plug Insulation Material Polyamide/PBT PA66

General Information#

RoHS Compliance Yes
CE Conformity Yes
UL Conformity No
Warranty 1 year

Before connecting the cable to the controller and the camera, read the Basler SLP Strobe Controller topic and the topic of your camera model. These topics contain important safety information as well as information about pin assignments, power requirements, installation and use of the controller and camera.

You can download the Basler Product Documentation and related documents for your camera free of charge from the Basler website: