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Heat Sink for Basler ace 2 Cameras#

The heat sink for Basler ace 2 GigE and Basler ace 2 USB 3.0 cameras provides an efficient way for heat dissipation during camera operation. It is suitable for all ace 2 camera models.

Heat Sink for Basler ace 2 Cameras

  • Order number: 2200000998
  • The heat sink is delivered with three screws for attaching the heat sink to the camera.

Technical Drawings#

Basler ace 2 Heat Sink Dimensions

Mounting Heat Sink

Physical Specifications#

Dimensions See Technical Drawings
Material Clear anodized aluminum
Thermal Resistance 2.1 K/W
Screws M3 × 5 mm, A2

General Information#

RoHS Compliance Yes
Warranty 1 year

For more information about your camera, installation, and providing heat dissipation, read the topic about your Basler ace 2 GigE or Basler ace 2 USB 3.0 camera model as well as the hardware installation topic for GigE cameras or USB 3.0 cameras and the Providing Heat Dissipation topic.