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Heat Sink for Basler ace 2 Cameras#

The heat sink for Basler ace 2 cameras provides an efficient way for heat dissipation during camera operation.

Installing a heat sink is only necessary if your application causes the camera to exceed its maximum operating temperature specified in the "Environmental Requirements" section of your camera model topic. It is suitable for all ace 2 camera models.

Heat Sink for Basler ace 2 Cameras

  • Order number: 2200000998
  • The heat sink is delivered with three screws for attaching the heat sink to the camera.

Technical Drawings#

Basler ace 2 Heat Sink Dimensions

Mounting Heat Sink

Physical Specifications#

Dimensions See Technical Drawings
Material Clear anodized aluminum
Thermal Resistance 2.1 K/W
Screws M3 × 5 mm, A2

General Information#

RoHS Compliance Yes
Warranty 1 year

For more information about your camera, installation, and providing heat dissipation, read the topic about your Basler ace 2 camera model as well as the hardware installation topic for GigE cameras or USB 3.0 cameras and the Providing Heat Dissipation topic.