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dart Camera Mounts#

Basler dart camera mounts allow you to connect a lens to Basler dart M camera modules.

dart Camera Mounts

Available Camera Mounts#

Dimensions and Mounting Points#


Mechanical Dimensions (in mm) CS-Mount for dart M


Mechanical Dimensions (in mm) S-Mount for dart M

IR Cut Filter#


The CS-Mount IR-Cut is recommended for use with color cameras. It is equipped with an IR cut filter. The filter is mounted in a filter holder inside the lens mount.

The IR cut filter is manufactured by Fujita Electric Works Ltd. and has the following spectral characteristics:

Wavelength [nm] Transmittance
420–600 Tmin ≥ 90 %
Tavg ≥ 92%
650 ± 10 T = 50 %
700–1000 Tavg ≤ 1 %
1000–1100 Tavg ≤ 5 %


The dart S-Mount is not equipped with an IR cut filter.

To achieve best camera performance on color cameras, Basler recommends attaching a lens with an integrated IR cut filter to the camera.

The filter should transmit in a range from 400–≈700 nm, and it should cut off from ≈700–1100 nm.

Maximum Allowed Lens Intrusion#

→ See Maximum Allowed Lens Intrusion.


→ See Hardware Installation (GigE Cameras) and Mounting Instructions