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Basler dart#

Basler dart camera modules are board level cameras designed for minimal space with a foot print of 27 mm x 27 mm, low weight, and low power consumption.

Basler dart cameras are available with various interfaces, resolutions, speeds, lens mounts, and with sensors from leading manufacturers.

Basler dart Portfolio

dart R Cameras#

The dart R models offer USB 3.0 as interface and feature optimized hardware, firmware, and Sony's Pregius and Starvis sensors.

dart M Cameras#

The dart M is a highly flexible and modular board level camera family, offering GigE as interface. There are dart M-specific accessories optionally available to facilitate the evaluation and integration.

dart Classic Cameras#

The dart Classic was the first camera family available as bare board variant. The dart Classic models offer a USB 3.0 interface with backwards compatibility to USB 2.0 and sensors from e2v and onsemi.

dart E Cameras#

The dart E camera family offers a BCON for MIPI interface, either with or without integrated image processing on board, for direct connection to an embedded processor.

→ See the Embedded Vision Cameras section.