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Choosing a Power Supply#

This topic contains information to help you choose a suitable power supply for blaze cameras.

First of all, the power supply must be capable of supplying at least 2.5 A DC at 24 VDC. Another aspect to consider is the pulsed current draw pattern of the camera.

The following figure illustrates the current pattern for a camera operating at 20 fps in Long Range with Fast Mode enabled. Actual current patterns depend on the operating mode selected, the exposure time, and the frame rate.

Current Pattern of the blaze Camera

This current pattern can be challenging for some low-end, low-cost AC/DC power supplies. This may lead to unstable operation of these power supplies. Ask your power supply vendor for support when in doubt whether a specific model is suitable for this mode of operation.

Examples of suitable power supplies:

  • Globtek GT-46600-6024-T3
  • Mean Well GSM60A24
  • Delta MDS-060AAS24 B
  • PULS ML60.241

Additional Recommendations

  • Minimize line resistance between the camera and the power supply, especially when using long cables (longer than 2 m).
  • Observe the voltage requirements to avoid damaging the camera.
  • Inrush current can be up to 10 A (peak). This needs to be taken into account when selecting an overcurrent protection element. Choosing a power supply that ramps up output voltage slowly ("soft start") helps to avoid large inrush currents.