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Cleaning Instructions (blaze)#

This topic provides instructions on how to clean your Basler blaze camera.

Before attempting to clean the camera, consider carefully whether cleaning will actually improve your camera's performance. Cleaning always carries the risk of introducing more dirt or even damaging the camera.

Cleaning the Housing (Including the Cover Glasses)#

NOTICE – Cleaning with the connectors exposed may damage the camera.
  • Before attempting to clean the camera, plug appropriate connectors into the camera's connectors shown in the "Camera Connectors and LEDs" section of your camera model topic. Otherwise, the housing doesn't meet the IP67 standard anymore. This may lead to contamination of the camera and may damage it.

To clean the camera housing:

  1. Disconnect the camera from camera power.
  2. Get a soft, lint-free cloth that does not cause electrostatic charging during cleaning.
  3. Dampen the cloth using a mild detergent.
  4. Using the dampened cloth, wipe the camera housing.
  5. Let any residual moisture evaporate. Never apply compressed air to speed up evaporation.
  6. After the moisture has evaporated completely, you may reconnect the camera to power.