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Device Information Parameters (dart E)#

Device information parameters allow you to retrieve basic information about the camera.

This topic describes the parameters and the information each parameter provides.

Using the Feature#

Basler dart E camera modules provide the following device information parameters:

Parameter Name Access (R = read-only, RW = read / write) Description
DeviceFirmwareVersion R The camera's firmware version number.
DeviceManufacturerInfo R The camera's manufacturer name. Usually contains an empty string.
DeviceModelName R The camera's model name, e.g., acA3800-14um.
DeviceSerialNumber R The camera's serial number.
DeviceVendorName R The camera's vendor name, e.g., Basler.
DeviceVersion R The camera's version number.
SensorHeight R The actual height of the camera's sensor in pixels.
SensorWidth R The actual width of the camera's sensor in pixels.