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Diagnostic Information#

If you experience problems with your blaze camera and need to contact Basler Support, you should include the camera's system log files and other diagnostic information.

To simplify the process of gathering the required information, the blaze camera provides the GenerateDiagnosticInfo parameter. When you execute this command, an archive called DiagnosticInfo.tar.gz is created and made available for download from the camera's embedded web server.

The DiagnosticInfo.tar.gz archive contains the camera's system log files with all events from when the camera was started to when the command is executed. Any subsequent events aren't included. The system log files are deleted when the camera is reset or rebooted. The DiagnosticInfo.tar.gz file will be persisted, though.

Persistent Logging

There are certain error conditions where the camera reboots by itself before you can execute the GenerateDiagnosticInfo command making it impossible to create the archive with the relevant log files. To prevent the log files from being deleted in such situations, you can enable the PersistentLogging parameter. This stores the log files in non-volatile flash memory.

Make sure to disable persistent logging, once you have downloaded the diagnostic archive as repeated write access will wear out the flash memory.

Creating the Diagnostic Archive#


To be able to download the diagnostic archive, the camera's web server must be running. Refer to the Web Server Enable topic to learn how to re-enable the web server in case you disabled it.

Using the Help Menu#

This is the recommended method.

  1. Open the camera in the blaze Viewer.
  2. In the Help menu, click Download DiagnosticInfo.tar.gz.

This executes the GenerateDiagnosticInfo command, opens a web browser when finished, and downloads the archive. Creating the diagnostic archive takes a few seconds.

Using the GenerateDiagnosticInfo Parameter#

  1. Open the camera in the blaze Viewer.
  2. In the feature tree, execute the GenerateDiagnosticInfo command.
    The camera creates the diagnostic archive called DiagnosticInfo.tar.gz.
  3. Download the archive from the camera by opening the following URL in a web browser:
    (Replace camera-ip by the camera's IP address.)

This downloads the diagnostic archive.