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Distortion Correction#

The Distortion Correction feature automatically corrects optical distortion in images.

Distortion is a form of optical aberration that causes a geometrical imaging error where straight lines don't appear straight in an image.

Using the Feature#

How It Works#

All Basler blaze cameras are calibrated at the Basler factory. The calibration includes the DistortionCorrection parameter. When enabled, this feature automatically removes any distortion effects. The feature uses the distortion coefficients of the Brown-Conrady model that allow correction of both radial and tangential distortion.

As a rule, the correction should always be enabled. If it is disabled, no automatic distortion correction is performed and the depth maps and intensity images have a distortion error that negatively affects the measurement accuracy.

Disabling the Distortion Correction#

If you prefer to correct distortion effects yourself, disable the DistortionCorrection parameter.

The pylon Supplementary Package for blaze includes the Distortion Correction sample that explains this procedure and tells you how to calculate a corrected point cloud.