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Error Codes (blaze)#

The Error Codes feature allows you to read error codes from a blaze camera. These codes alert you to errors that you can correct yourself.

If several different errors occur, they are stored in an error list and can be retrieved one by one.

Using the Feature#

How It Works#

The camera can detect errors that you can correct yourself. If such an error occurs, the camera assigns an error code to it and stores the error code in memory.

If several different errors occur, the camera stores the code for each type of error detected. The camera stores each code only once regardless of how many times it has detected the corresponding error.

Checking Error Codes#

Checking error codes is an iterative process, depending on your camera model and how many errors have occurred.

To check error codes:

  1. Get the value of the LastError parameter.
  2. Store the value on your computer or write it down for further reference.
  3. Execute the ClearLastError command.
    This deletes the last error code from the list of error codes.
  4. Repeat steps 1. to 3. until the LastError parameter value is NoError.
  5. Troubleshoot the errors using the table below or contact Basler support with the list of error codes.
Available Error Codes#
LastError Parameter Meaning
0 No error: The camera hasn't detected any errors since the last time the ClearLastError command was executed or the camera was rebooted.
1 Overtrigger error: Indicates that the camera is ignoring new trigger signals.
4 Temperature error: Indicates that the allowed minimum or maximum temperature has been exceeded and that damage to camera components may occur.
7 Illumination error: Indicates a problem with the VCSELs.
8 Illumination Calibration error: Indicates a problem with the VCSEL calibration. Contact Basler support if you encounter this error.