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Free Run Image Acquisition#

When the camera is configured for free run image acquisition, it will acquire images continuously without the need for triggering by the user.

If you want to acquire images at a particular point in time, see triggered image acquisition.

How It Works#

In free run mode, the camera generates all required trigger signals internally. You don't need to apply trigger signals to the camera.

If the camera's acquisition mode is set to Single Frame, the camera generates a single Frame Start trigger signal whenever it receives an Acquisition Start command.

If the camera's acquisition mode is set to Continuous, the following applies:

  • The camera begins generating Frame Start trigger signals whenever it receives an Acquisition Start command. The camera continues to generate Frame Start trigger signals until it receives an Acquisition Stop command.
  • You can set the rate at which Frame Start trigger signals are generated by using the Acquisition Frame Rate feature.

Enabling Free Run Image Acquisition#

On all Basler cameras, free run image acquisition is enabled by default.

If you have changed your camera settings and want to re-enable free run, carry out the following steps:

  1. Set the AcquisitionMode parameter to Continuous.
  2. Set the TriggerSelector parameter to one of the available trigger types, e.g., FrameStart.
  3. Set the TriggerMode parameter to Off.
  4. Repeat the steps above for all available trigger types.