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Hardware Installation (blaze)#

This topic tells you how to install a Basler blaze camera.

General Information#


To achieve reliable distance measurements, you might find the following tips useful:

  • Avoid other light sources in the vicinity of blaze cameras that emit light in the 940-nm spectrum (925–975 nm).
  • Avoid extremely bright light, like direct sunshine, as there is a limit to what the bandpass filter can filter out.
  • Minimize the potential for creating scattered light effects:
    • Avoid placing any objects in the scene that are not part of your intended target, especially mirrors or other shiny surfaces/objects.
    • Avoid placing the camera flat in the middle of a surface.
    • Be aware that even objects outside of the camera's field of view can create scattered light.
  • Maintain a stable housing temperature during operation.
  • Take measures to provide cooling.
  • Mount the camera securely.

Before installing the camera, check the following:

  • You have read and understood the warnings.
  • The pylon Software Suite and the pylon Supplementary Package for blaze have been installed on your computer.
  • You have all necessary accessories to hand.


To install the camera:

  1. Mount the camera in an appropriate fixture, e.g., a camera bracket.
  2. Plug the M12 8-pin plug of the GigE cable into the M12 8-pin x-coded connector at the back of the camera.
    The recommended torque for tightening the connector is 60 Ncm.
  3. Plug the RJ45 connector into the Ethernet port of your computer.
  4. Insert the M12 8-pin plug of the power supply cable into the M12 power connector at the back of the camera.
    The recommended torque for tightening the connector is 60 Ncm.
  5. Insert the AC power plug of the power supply into a mains socket.

When the Status LED is flashing green and the Ethernet LED is solid green, the camera is ready for use. For more information on LED states, see the "LED States" section of your camera model topic.


It takes a while until the camera reaches a stable operating temperature. After 5 minutes there may still be a measurement error of 3–4 cm. After 20 minutes the distance measurement should be reliable.

NOTICE – Incorrect plugging in and unplugging of the camera's power cable can damage the camera.

To avoid switch-on surges damaging the camera, only plug in the power cable into the camera's power connector or unplug it from the connector if the power supply is switched off.

Next Steps#

Continue with the network configuration.