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ROI (blaze)#

The ROI on blaze cameras is mostly fixed and determined by the sensor size.

You can't change the Width, Height, OffsetX, and OffsetY parameters but you can adjust the depth of the ROI using the DepthMin and DepthMax parameters.

The available range is 0–10 m (Long Range) and 0–1.5 m (Short Range). For example, with DepthMin set to 3000 and DepthMax set to 5000, the camera will acquire data in a distance from 3–5 m. Data from outside that range will be discarded.


Using the DepthMin and DepthMax parameters to define the ROI, and effectively to reduce it, doesn't increase resolution or improve accuracy.

Using the Feature#

Using the ROI to Reduce Ambiguous Results in Fast Mode#

Because the standard operating modes (Short Range and Long Range) combine exposures with multiple frequencies, the non-ambiguity range in these modes is from 0–30 m. As the Fast Mode only uses one frequency, the non-ambiguity range is determined by the range itself, i.e., 0–1.5 m in short range and 0–10 m in long range. As explained above, if you reduce the depth of the ROI, any data from beyond the ROI will be discarded. By choosing a ROI that fits your desired scene as closely as possible, you can minimize problems caused by ambiguous results.


Assume that you want to optimize the ROI for a target scene that is between 3 to 5 meters away from the camera.

  1. Set the OperatingMode parameter to LongRange.
  2. Set the DepthMin parameter to 3000.
  3. Set the DepthMax parameter to 5000.

This way, any light reflected from between 0–3 m and 5–10 m will be discarded. You may still get ambiguous results from the next interval (where the ROI would be between 13 and 15 m) but the impact should be negligible as long as there are no highly-reflective objects or retroreflectors in the camera's field of view.

For more information about ambiguity, see Non-Ambiguity.