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Scan 3d Calibration Offset#

This Scan 3d Calibration Offset feature available on blaze cameras allows you to add an offset to the measured distance to compensate for differences between the measured distance and the actual distance of the target.

How It Works#

The offset specified by the Scan3dCalibrationOffset parameter is added to the radial distances the camera measures. The camera transforms the radial distances into x, y, z coordinates in a Cartesian coordinate system whose origin lies in the camera's optical center.

The Scan3dCalibrationOffset parameter can be used to manually correct a temperature-dependent drift.


Since the offset is added to the radial distances, it can't be used to translate the origin of the coordinate system, i.e., it can't be used to add a constant offset to the z coordinate.
Specifically, you should not use it in an attempt to shift the origin of the camera's coordinate system from the optical center to the front of the camera housing. Trying to do so will result in measurement errors causing planar surfaces to appear curved.