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Scan 3d Focal Length#

The Scan 3d Focal Length feature provides the focal length of the camera's integrated lens in pixels.

During factory calibration the effective focal length in pixels is determined. The pixel size of the camera's Sony IMX556 image sensor is 10 µm x 10 µm. From this, you can calculate the focal length in millimeters.

Using the focal length value in millimeters, you can also calculate the field of view (FOV) in millimeters. Use the following formulas for this:

AFOV = 2 * arctan(H / (2 ƒ))

FOV = 2 x WD x tan(AFOV/2)


ƒ = focal length
H = sensor size
FOV = field of view
WD = working distance
AFOV = angular field of view