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Software Installation (blaze)#

This topic tells you how to install the software required for a Basler blaze-101 camera.

Feature Scope of the blaze SDK#

  • blaze Viewer
    This is a GUI tool for configuring and operating the blaze-101 camera. The blaze Viewer is available for Windows and Linux (only x64 systems with Ubuntu 18.4 or above).
  • blaze IP Configurator
    This is a GUI tool for configuring the IP address of the blaze-101 camera.
  • Basler GenTL producer for the blaze-101 camera and runtime prerequisites
  • Basler GigE Vision driver
  • C++ API
  • Sample programs

Software Installation (Windows)#

This installation procedure assumes that you have already extracted the archive to a network location of your choice.

To install the Basler blaze SDK:

  1. Download the Basler blaze SDK x.y.z.exe installer from the Basler website.
  2. Navigate to the folder to which you downloaded the installer and double-click the Basler blaze SDK x.y.z.exe file.
  3. Accept the license agreement.
  4. If you want to specify a install location, click Options, browse to the desired location, and then click OK.
    If you don't specify an install location, the blaze software will be installed in the default location: C:\Program Files\Basler\blaze
  5. Click Install to start the installation.
  6. Confirm the UAC prompt.
    The installation starts.
  7. When the installation has completed, click Close.
    The start menu will now contain a Basler blaze SDK folder. From here you can start the blaze Viewer and the blaze IP Configurator as well as open folders containing the code samples and the documentation.
    There will also be a shortcut to the blaze Viewer (Safe Mode). You can use this if the blaze Viewer won't start. This can happen if required graphics drivers are missing.

Software Installation (Linux)#

For x64 systems, there are two installation packages. If you are going to perform the installation on Ubuntu 18.04 or above, use the Basler_blaze_SDK-version-Linux_x86_64.tar.gz archive. Otherwise, use the Basler_blaze_SDK-version-Linux_x86_64_no_viewer.tar.gz archive.

The SDK in the "no_viewer" archive is supported for Ubuntu 16.04 or above, but doesn't include the blaze Viewer tool. The "no_viewer" SDK can be run on several other Linux distributions if they provide libstdc++6.0.21 or above.

  1. Download the Basler_blaze_SDK-version-Linux_x86_64.tar.gz archive from the Basler website.
  2. Extract the Basler_blaze_SDK-version-Linux_x86_64.tag.gz archive to a directory of your choice.
  3. Change to the directory where you extracted the files to and follow the instructions in the INSTALL and README files.

Next Steps#

Continue with the hardware installation.