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Balance White Reset#

The Balance White Reset camera feature resets all white balance adjustments.

This is especially useful if your adjustments haven't had the desired effect and you want to return quickly to the original settings.

Using the Feature#

To reset all white balance adjustments, execute the BalanceWhiteReset command.

The BalanceRatio parameter values for all color channels (red, green, blue) are reset to the settings defined by the Light Source Preset feature.

Sample Code#

// Reset all white balance adjustments
INodeMap& nodemap = camera.GetNodeMap();
// Reset all white balance adjustments
CCommandParameter(nodemap, "BalanceWhiteReset").Execute();
// Reset all white balance adjustments
/* Macro to check for errors */
#define CHECK(errc) if (GENAPI_E_OK != errc) printErrorAndExit(errc)
GENAPIC_RESULT errRes = GENAPI_E_OK;  /* Return value of pylon methods */
/* Reset all white balance adjustments */
errRes = PylonDeviceExecuteCommandFeature(hdev, "BalanceWhiteReset");

You can also use the pylon Viewer to easily set the parameters.