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Line Noise Reduction#

The Line Noise Reduction camera feature allows you to reduce horizontal stripes in your images.

Using the Feature#

How It Works#

When looking at your images, you may notice unwanted horizontal stripes, also known as "line noise".

Usually, enabling the Line Noise Reduction feature should significantly reduce this effect:

Line noise reduction disabledLine noise reduction enabled

Enabling Line Noise Reduction#

To enable line noise reduction:

  1. Set the BslLineNoiseReductionEnable parameter to true.
  2. Set the BslLineNoiseReduction parameter to a value between 0.0 and 1.0.
    This adjusts the amount of line noise reduction to be applied. The higher the value, the less line noise (horizontal stripes) will be visible in your images. However, excessively high values may result in loss of image information.

Sample Code#

// Enable line noise reduction
// Adjust the amount of line noise reduction
INodeMap& nodemap = camera.GetNodeMap();
// Enable line noise reduction
CBooleanParameter(nodemap, "BslLineNoiseReductionEnable").SetValue(true);
// Adjust the amount of line noise reduction
CFloatParameter(nodemap, "BslLineNoiseReduction").SetValue(0.5);
// Enable line noise reduction
// Adjust the amount of line noise reduction
/* Macro to check for errors */
#define CHECK(errc) if (GENAPI_E_OK != errc) printErrorAndExit(errc)
GENAPIC_RESULT errRes = GENAPI_E_OK;  /* Return value of pylon methods */
/* Enable line noise reduction */
errRes = PylonDeviceSetBooleanFeature(hdev, "BslLineNoiseReductionEnable", 1);
/* Adjust the amount of line noise reduction */
errRes = PylonDeviceSetFloatFeature(hdev, "BslLineNoiseReduction", 0.5);
# Enable line noise reduction
camera.BslLineNoiseReductionEnable.Value = True
# Adjust the amount of line noise reduction
camera.BslLineNoiseReduction.Value = 0.5

You can also use the pylon Viewer to easily set the parameters.