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Triggered Image Acquisition#

If the camera is configured for triggered image acquisition, you can trigger image captures at particular points in time.

Most modern imaging applications work with triggered image acquisition.

If you want to acquire images continuously without having to trigger acquisitions, see free run image acquisition.


  • On some cameras, enabling hardware or software triggering disables overlapping image acquisition and therefore lowers the camera's maximum frame rate. This applies to all cameras in this table where "Overlapping Image Acquisition Availability" is specified as "Only when the camera is configured for free run image acquisition".
  • Don't trigger the camera at a rate that exceeds one or both of the following limiting factors:

    • The maximum allowed frame rate for the current camera settings. If you apply Frame Start trigger signals to the camera when it is not ready to receive them, the signals will be ignored.
    • The host computer's capacity limits for data transfer, storage, or both. If you try to acquire more images than the host computer is able to process, frames may be dropped. For more information about bandwidth optimization, see the Network Configuration topic.
  • To check whether the camera is ready to receive trigger signals, monitor the camera's Trigger Wait signals or use the Acquisition Status feature.

Hardware Triggering#

If your camera supports hardware triggering, an electrical signal applied to one of the camera's input lines can act as a trigger signal.

To configure the camera for hardware triggering:

  1. Select the trigger type that you want to configure, e.g., FrameStart.
  2. Set the trigger mode of the selected trigger to On.
  3. Set the trigger source to one of the available hardware trigger sources.
  4. If desired, use the Trigger Activation and the Trigger Delay features to further configure hardware triggering.
  5. Repeat the steps above for all trigger types that you want to control with an electrical signal.

Now, you can trigger the camera by applying electrical signals to the selected input line.

Software Triggering#

When the camera is configured for software triggering, a software command acts as a trigger signal. The software command can be executed using the pylon API.

On some camera models, multiple software commands are available to perform software triggering.

To configure the camera for software triggering:

  1. Select the trigger type that you want to configure, e.g., FrameStart.
  2. Set the trigger mode of the selected trigger to On.
  3. Set the trigger source to one of the available software trigger sources.
  4. Repeat the steps above for all trigger types that you want to control with a software command.

Now, you can trigger the camera by executing the appropriate software command, e.g., TriggerSoftware.


Show all camera models

Camera Model Hardware Triggering Supported?
a2A640-240gmSWIR Yes
a2A640-240umSWIR Yes
a2A1280-80gmSWIR Yes
a2A1280-125umSWIR Yes
a2A1920-51gcBAS Yes
a2A1920-51gcPRO Yes
a2A1920-51gmBAS Yes
a2A1920-51gmPRO Yes
a2A1920-160ucBAS Yes
a2A1920-160ucPRO Yes
a2A1920-160umBAS Yes
a2A1920-160umPRO Yes
a2A1920-165g5cBAS Yes
a2A1920-165g5mBAS Yes
a2A2448-23gcBAS Yes
a2A2448-23gcPRO Yes
a2A2448-23gmBAS Yes
a2A2448-23gmPRO Yes
a2A2448-75ucBAS Yes
a2A2448-75ucPRO Yes
a2A2448-75umBAS Yes
a2A2448-75umPRO Yes
a2A2448-105g5cBAS Yes
a2A2448-105g5mBAS Yes
a2A2590-22gcBAS Yes
a2A2590-22gcPRO Yes
a2A2590-22gmBAS Yes
a2A2590-22gmPRO Yes
a2A2590-60ucBAS Yes
a2A2590-60ucPRO Yes
a2A2590-60umBAS Yes
a2A2590-60umPRO Yes
a2A2600-20gcBAS Yes
a2A2600-20gcPRO Yes
a2A2600-20gmBAS Yes
a2A2600-20gmPRO Yes
a2A2600-64ucBAS Yes
a2A2600-64ucPRO Yes
a2A2600-64umBAS Yes
a2A2600-64umPRO Yes
a2A2840-14gcBAS Yes
a2A2840-14gcPRO Yes
a2A2840-14gmBAS Yes
a2A2840-14gmPRO Yes
a2A2840-48ucBAS Yes
a2A2840-48ucPRO Yes
a2A2840-48umBAS Yes
a2A2840-48umPRO Yes
a2A2840-67g5cBAS Yes
a2A2840-67g5mBAS Yes
a2A3840-13gcBAS Yes
a2A3840-13gcPRO Yes
a2A3840-13gmBAS Yes
a2A3840-13gmPRO Yes
a2A3840-45ucBAS Yes
a2A3840-45ucPRO Yes
a2A3840-45umBAS Yes
a2A3840-45umPRO Yes
a2A4096-9gcBAS Yes
a2A4096-9gcPRO Yes
a2A4096-9gmBAS Yes
a2A4096-9gmPRO Yes
a2A4096-30ucBAS Yes
a2A4096-30ucPRO Yes
a2A4096-30umBAS Yes
a2A4096-30umPRO Yes
a2A4096-44g5cBAS Yes
a2A4096-44g5mBAS Yes
a2A4200-12gcBAS Yes
a2A4200-12gcPRO Yes
a2A4200-12gmBAS Yes
a2A4200-12gmPRO Yes
a2A4200-40ucBAS Yes
a2A4200-40ucPRO Yes
a2A4200-40umBAS Yes
a2A4200-40umPRO Yes
a2A4504-5gcBAS Yes
a2A4504-5gcPRO Yes
a2A4504-5gmBAS Yes
a2A4504-5gmPRO Yes
a2A4504-18ucBAS Yes
a2A4504-18ucPRO Yes
a2A4504-18umBAS Yes
a2A4504-18umPRO Yes
a2A4504-27g5cBAS Yes
a2A4504-27g5mBAS Yes
a2A5320-7gcBAS Yes
a2A5320-7gcPRO Yes
a2A5320-7gmBAS Yes
a2A5320-7gmPRO Yes
a2A5320-23ucBAS Yes
a2A5320-23ucPRO Yes
a2A5320-23umBAS Yes
a2A5320-23umPRO Yes
a2A5320-34g5cBAS Yes
a2A5320-34g5mBAS Yes
a2A5328-4gcBAS Yes
a2A5328-4gcPRO Yes
a2A5328-4gmBAS Yes
a2A5328-4gmPRO Yes
a2A5328-15ucBAS Yes
a2A5328-15ucPRO Yes
a2A5328-15umBAS Yes
a2A5328-15umPRO Yes
a2A5328-22g5cBAS Yes
a2A5328-22g5mBAS Yes
acA640-90gc Yes
acA640-90uc yes
acA640-121gm Yes
acA640-300gc Yes
acA640-300gm Yes
acA640-750uc Yes
acA640-750um Yes
acA720-290gc Yes
acA720-290gm Yes
acA720-520uc Yes
acA720-520um Yes
acA800-200gc Yes
acA800-200gm Yes
acA800-510uc Yes
acA800-510um Yes
acA1280-60gc Yes
acA1280-60gm Yes
acA1300-60gc Yes
acA1300-60gm Yes
acA1300-60gmNIR Yes
acA1300-75gc Yes
acA1300-75gm Yes
acA1300-200uc Yes
acA1300-200um Yes
acA1440-73gc Yes
acA1440-73gm Yes
acA1440-220uc Yes
acA1440-220um Yes
acA1600-20gc Yes
acA1600-20uc Yes
acA1600-60gc Yes
acA1600-60gm Yes
acA1920-25gc Yes
acA1920-25gm Yes
acA1920-25uc Yes
acA1920-25um Yes
acA1920-40gc Yes
acA1920-40gm Yes
acA1920-40uc Yes
acA1920-40ucMED Yes
acA1920-40um Yes
acA1920-40umMED Yes
acA1920-48gc Yes
acA1920-48gm Yes
acA1920-50gc Yes
acA1920-50gm Yes
acA1920-150uc Yes
acA1920-150um Yes
acA1920-155uc Yes
acA1920-155ucMED Yes
acA1920-155um Yes
acA1920-155umMED Yes
acA2000-50gc Yes
acA2000-50gm Yes
acA2000-165uc Yes
acA2000-165um Yes
acA2040-25gc Yes
acA2040-25gm Yes
acA2040-25gmNIR Yes
acA2040-35gc Yes
acA2040-35gm Yes
acA2040-55uc Yes
acA2040-55um Yes
acA2040-90uc Yes
acA2040-90um Yes
acA2040-90umNIR Yes
acA2040-120uc Yes
acA2040-120um Yes
acA2440-20gc Yes
acA2440-20gm Yes
acA2440-35uc Yes
acA2440-35ucMED Yes
acA2440-35um Yes
acA2440-35umMED Yes
acA2440-75uc Yes
acA2440-75ucMED Yes
acA2440-75um Yes
acA2440-75umMED Yes
acA2500-14gc Yes
acA2500-14gm Yes
acA2500-14uc Yes
acA2500-14um Yes
acA2500-20gc Yes
acA2500-20gcMED Yes
acA2500-20gm Yes
acA2500-20gmMED Yes
acA2500-60uc Yes
acA2500-60um Yes
acA3088-16gc Yes
acA3088-16gm Yes
acA3088-57uc Yes
acA3088-57ucMED Yes
acA3088-57um Yes
acA3088-57umMED Yes
acA3800-10gc Yes
acA3800-10gm Yes
acA3800-14uc Yes
acA3800-14um Yes
acA4024-8gc Yes
acA4024-8gm Yes
acA4024-29uc Yes
acA4024-29um Yes
acA4096-11gc Yes
acA4096-11gm Yes
acA4096-30uc Yes
acA4096-30ucMED Yes
acA4096-30um Yes
acA4096-30umMED Yes
acA4096-40uc Yes
acA4096-40ucMED Yes
acA4096-40um Yes
acA4096-40umMED Yes
acA4112-8gc Yes
acA4112-8gm Yes
acA4112-20uc Yes
acA4112-20ucMED Yes
acA4112-20um Yes
acA4112-20umMED Yes
acA4112-30uc Yes
acA4112-30ucMED Yes
acA4112-30um Yes
acA4112-30umMED Yes
acA4600-7gc Yes
acA4600-10uc Yes
acA5472-5gc Yes
acA5472-5gm Yes
acA5472-17uc Yes
acA5472-17ucMED Yes
acA5472-17um Yes
acA5472-17umMED Yes
boA1936-400cc Yes
boA1936-400cm Yes
boA2448-250cc Yes
boA2448-250cm Yes
boA2832-190cc Yes
boA2832-190cm Yes
boA4096-93cc Yes
boA4096-93cm Yes
boA4096-180cc Yes
boA4096-180cm Yes
boA4112-68cc Yes
boA4112-68cm Yes
boA4500-45cc Yes
boA4500-45cm Yes
boA4504-100cc Yes
boA4504-100cm Yes
boA5120-150cc Yes
boA5120-150cm Yes
boA5120-230cc Yes
boA5120-230cm Yes
boA5320-150cc Yes
boA5320-150cm Yes
boA5328-100cc Yes
boA5328-100cm Yes
boA6500-36cc Yes
boA6500-36cm Yes
boA8100-16cc Yes
boA8100-16cm Yes
boA9344-70cc Yes
boA9344-70cm Yes
daA720-520uc Yes
daA720-520um Yes
daA1280-54uc Yes
daA1280-54um Yes
daA1440-220uc Yes
daA1440-220um Yes
daA1600-60uc Yes
daA1600-60um Yes
daA1920-15um Yes
daA1920-30uc Yes
daA1920-30um Yes
daA1920-160uc Yes
daA1920-160um Yes
daA2448-70uc Yes
daA2448-70um Yes
daA2500-14uc Yes
daA2500-14um Yes
daA3840-45uc Yes
daA3840-45um Yes
puA1280-54uc No
puA1280-54um No
puA1600-60uc No
puA1600-60um No
puA1920-30uc No
puA1920-30um No
puA2500-14uc No
puA2500-14um No