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Automatic Image Adjustment#

The Automatic Image Adjustment feature of the pylon Viewer allows the camera to automatically make all settings necessary to get a good image under the current conditions.

Automatic image adjustment is useful if you need to quickly set up the camera for a particular imaging situation.

Using Automatic Image Adjustment#

To enable automatic image adjustment:

  1. Open the camera.
  2. Click the Automatic Image Adjustment button Automatic Image Adjustment Icon.
    If the button appears dimmed, this feature isn't available for your camera.

The camera will analyze the current conditions and then choose appropriate values for all relevant parameters accordingly.


This is a one-time operation. When the automatic image adjustment is complete, the parameter values are going to stay like that until you either manually change them or you click the Automatic Image Adjustment button again.

Affected Camera Parameters#

Below is a list of the camera parameters that can be affected by using this feature, assuming these parameters are available on your camera model.

Be aware of this if you have manually set specific parameter values already, as these will be lost if you click Automatic Image Adjustment.