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Basler Vision Connector#

With the Basler Vision Connector, you can operate and configure your Basler cameras on your in-factory industrial edge devices via the Siemens Industrial Edge Hub. In the following topics, you find information about downloading, installing, and configuring the Basler Vision Connector.

Required Knowledge#

The Basler Vision Connector and Basler digital cameras for machine vision are designed for use by professionals only, concerned with the following tasks:

  • Camera integration and setup
  • Everyday camera use

For installing and configuring your Industrial Edge devices and the Basler Vision Connector app, you require the following knowledge:

  • Knowledge about MQTT / ZeroMQ protocol communication
  • Knowledge working with Docker and Docker container is helpful.

The Basler Vision Connector documentation assumes the skills of electrical engineers, systems engineers, mechatronics engineers, technicians, and information technology engineers. Basler Vision Connector and camera use isn't allowed for persons with insufficient skills or with impairments that prevent them from doing the following tasks:

  • Using cameras correctly
  • Adhering to the safety instructions
  • Fully understanding all relevant camera documentation and other linked documentation

Additional Information#


Make sure you have the following components available and installed:

  • A working Internet connection.
  • Installed and working Siemens devices for your use case, i.e. devices for processing and managing tasks (e.g. Industrial Edge - SIMATIC IPC847E). For detailed information, see the Siemens documentation.
  • Access to the Siemens Industrial Edge Hub (provided by Siemens).
    Contact Siemens to get your personal access to the hub.
  • Installed and configured Siemens IEM Instances and all IE devices you require for your use case. For information about installing the IEM instances and IE devices, see the Siemens documentation.
  • Siemens IE devices with a Linux x86_64 or Linux ARM64 operating system. Windows isn't supported by the Basler Vision Connector.
  • Installed Basler camera.
    For further information about Basler camera installation and configuration:
    • Go to the Camera Documentation, select the camera model you installed in your factory or search for your camera model via the camera filter (located to the left of the Search field of this documentation).
    • When the camera model is selected, the camera and its feature documentation are displayed. Read the safety instructions of your camera model.
  • The following Basler Vision Connector applications are available in the Siemens marketplace:
    • Basler Vision Connector (Single Camera Connection):
      Use this app, if you want to use only one camera.
    • Basler Vision Connector (Multi Camera Connection):
      Use this app, if you want to use several cameras.


You can configure different Basler camera models (GigE, USB) with the Basler Vision Connector app. However, the Basler Vision Connector app supports only GigE cameras as the Siemens Industrial Edge devices can currently only deal with GigE cameras, e.g. Basler ace 2.


Basler recommends to not install a Basler Vision Connector (Single Camera Connection) and Basler Vision Connector (Multi Camera Connection) on the same Edge Device.