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Basler Vision Connector Messaging: Application Feedback#

Message Codes#

The following message codes are sent as responses.

Info Message Codes#

Value range for info messages: 0x000000000x00FFFFFF

Message Codes Meaning
0x00000000 Request was completed successfully.
0x00000001 Application is online.
0x00000002 Application is offline.

Warning Message Codes#

Value range for warning messages: 0x010000000x01FFFFFF

Message Codes Meaning
0x01000000 A request was only partially successful.

Debug Message Codes#

Value range for debug messages: 0x020000000x02FFFFFF

Error Message Codes#

Value range for error messages: 0x030000000x03FFFFFF

Message Codes Meaning
0x03000000 Error while parsing a request
0x03000001 Error while handling a request
0x03000002 An opened device was removed

Application Logging#

The application log is published in the logging topic. In this log, you find any general application log information that is no direct response to any given command, such as application unhandled errors, camera error messages and camera connectivity issues.

There are different structures to receive logging messages for ZMQ and for MQTT:

  • In ZMQ, subscribe to the logging topic on the PUB/SUB port to receive application feedback.
  • In MQTT, subscribe to the {mqttRoot}/logging topic to receive application feedback.

ZMQ Response on PUB/SUB Channel#

Frame Field Description Type
1 topic Logging topic Binary string (UTF-8): logging
2 payload JSON response object Binary string (UTF-8)

MQTT Reponse#

In MQTT, the JSON messages are written directly into the payload of the MQTT message. No specific envelop is required.

JSON Response Object#

Field Optional Type Description
Timestamp Yes String Application host date and time in ISO8601 format, i.e. when the message was created.
Code Yes Integer (32-bit unsigned) Message code following Message Codes
Level No String Log level - Debug, Info, Warning, Error
Message No String Response message
    "Code": 50331650,
    "Message":"Lost connection with myCam1"