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Firmware Updater#

The Firmware Updater of the pylon Viewer allows you to update the firmware of your Basler camera.

The Firmware Updater is available in the Windows and Linux version of the pylon Viewer. You can open the Firmware Updater via the Tools menu or by right-clicking a GigE, USB, or CXP camera in the Devices pane.


For Basler boost V cameras, a different Firmware Updater tool is available. You can't use the Firmware Updater delivered with the pylon Software Suite.

Contact Basler support to obtain the tool and update the firmware of your boost V camera.

Before You Start#

  • To use the Firmware Updater, you need an update file (.guf file). Contact Basler Support to request an update file suitable for your camera.
  • Save the update file on your local hard drive. Updating from a .guf file located on a remote server may lead to the following error message:
    The firmware update file selected is not compatible with your camera model.
  • Not all Basler camera models can be updated using the Firmware Updater. If no updatable camera is connected to your computer, the Firmware Updater option in the Tools menu appears dimmed. Currently, cameras with the Camera Link and BCON interfaces can't be updated. Also, ace Classic/U/L cameras can't be updated.
  • You can update the firmware of several cameras at the same time as long as they are the same model. For example, if you have three a2A1920-51gcPRO cameras, you can update all three cameras at the same time.
  • Image acquisition must be stopped before you can update a camera's firmware.

Updating the Firmware#

To update the firmware:

  1. Open the Firmware Updater by right-clicking a camera in the Devices pane or clicking Tools > Firmware Updater.
    The Firmware Updater opens. All updatable cameras that are currently connected to your computer are listed by interface and model name. If you have selected a camera in the Devices pane, this camera is preselected. To change your selection, clear the currently selected check box and select another one.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Select the update file.
    If you select a .guf file that isn't compatible with the camera model, the Firmware Updater will recognize this and display a warning.
  4. Click Next.
    On the Update Summary page, you will find details of the update process, i.e., the current and the new firmware version and whether an upgrade, downgrade, or reinstall of the firmware will be performed.
  5. Click Next.
    The update process is going to take a while. Don't disconnect the power supply during the update process as this may damage the camera.

When the update is complete, the Result Summary page will be displayed. If you click Next here, you return to step 1 of the Firmware Updater where you can repeat the update process, e.g., with a different camera model.


If you run into problems during the update process, you may find the How to: Handle Boost and ace 2 Firmware Update Issues knowledge article useful.