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Overview of the pylon GigE Configurator#

This topic gives you an overview of the pylon GigE Configurator.

The pylon GigE Configurator is part of the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite. The tool optimizes the parameters and settings of your network adapters and cameras for your operating system (Windows or Linux).

You can use the GUI version of the GigE Configurator via the pylon Viewer (in the Tools menu) for standard use cases or via its command-line interface (CLI) for advanced use cases.

Supported Operating Systems#

The pylon GigE Configurator supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows 64 bit
  • Linux x86_64
  • Linux AArch64


On Linux, the ethtool and network-manager packages must be installed before running the pylon GigE Configurator. If necessary, install them using the following commands:

sudo apt install network-manager
sudo apt install ethtool

Supported GigE Adapters#

The pylon GigE Configurator supports the following GigE adapters:

  • All 1GigE network adapters
  • All Basler 5GigE/10GigE network adapters

For information about Basler's network adapters, see the Basler website.

Supported Cameras#

The pylon GigE Configurator supports all GigE cameras manufactured by Basler AG.