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Overview of the pylon USB Configurator#

This topic will give you an overview of the user interface of the pylon USB Configurator.

The pylon USB Configurator is part of the Basler pylon Software Suite. The USB Configurator is available for Windows only. You can open the USB Configurator via the Tools menu by right-clicking a USB camera in the Devices pane.

Main Window#

Below is a screenshot of the USB Configurator showing the different elements of the user interface: a menu bar, a toolbar, and various panes containing different kinds of information.

pylon USB Configurator Window

File menu. Use the File menu to exit the USB Configurator.

View menu. In the View menu, you can select the level of detail that you want to display in the device tree (the medium level is selected in the screenshot above). You can also switch between large (default) and small icons and refresh the device tree. The buttons on the toolbar provide an alternative way to carry out these actions.

Options menu. Use the Options menu to specify that the USB Configurator is always shown on top of other applications on your desktop.

Help (?) menu. Use the Help (?) menu to access the Basler Product Documentation, generate support information for troubleshooting, submit feedback on the pylon software in general, contact Basler Support, and view general information about the USB Configurator.

Toolbar Buttons#

Use the toolbar buttons to change the level of detail displayed in the device tree and to refresh the view.

Icon Function
Camera List Icon Shows only the cameras connected to your computer.
Simple Device Tree Icon Shows a simplified device tree that lets you see at a glance which USB devices are connected to which USB controllers. For example, because USB 2.0 devices are displayed in pale colors, you can quickly spot if your USB 3.0 camera has been connected to the wrong controller by mistake.
Detailed Device Tree Icon Shows a detailed device tree. It provides a complete overview of the USB topology. This view is useful mainly for experienced users.
Refresh Icon Refreshes the view.


Device pane. The device pane displays the USB device tree.

Device Info pane. The device info pane displays information about the device that is currently selected in the device pane. On the Device Info tab, less information is shown than on the Details tab.