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The pylon C API is a C language wrapper around the pylon API which is written in C++. The pylon API can therefore only directly be used with programs written in C++. By providing a C API, pylon can be used with programs written in C.

The pylon API is the Basler C++ application programming interface (API) for Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), USB, CoaXPress (CXP), and Camera Link cameras. The pylon API offers a generic, unified programming interface that hides most of the differences between interface technologies. The pylon API allows easy migration from one camera interface to another without significant code changes.

Where to Find the Camera Parameters#

To learn about the available parameters (features) to control your camera model, either consult your camera User's Manual or connect the camera to a PC and open it in the pylon Viewer software, where you can browse the parameter list.

Build Environment#

The Building Applications with pylon C section describes all necessary modifications of your build environment to build pylon based applications.

Programmer's Guide#

This manual includes a comprehensive Programmer's Guide: Programming with pylon C


Caution: The code snippets provided in this manual are included as sample code only. Inappropriate code may cause your camera to function differently than expected and may compromise your application. To ensure that the snippets will work properly in your application, you must adjust them to meet your specific needs and must test them thoroughly prior to use.