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DeviceAccessibilityInfo Enumeration#

Describes the accessibility state of a camera device.



public enum DeviceAccessibilityInfo


Public Enumeration DeviceAccessibilityInfo


Member nameValueDescription
Unknown0The accessibility of the device could not be determined. The state of accessibility is unknown.
Ok1The device can be opened.
Opened2The device is reachable, but can be opened in read only mode only.
OpenedExclusively3The device is reachable, but already opened exclusively, e.g. by another application.
NotReachable4The device could not be reached or it does not exist. A connection to the device cannot be established.


This value will be returned by the CameraFinder.GetDeviceAccessibilityInfo function and describes the connectivity state of a camera device. A GigE camera device i.e. may be DeviceAccessibilityInfo.Unknown because of network configuration.


Basler.Pylon Namespace