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ShowMode Enumeration#

Defines the way an image window is shown. These constants follow the ShowWindow API.



public enum ShowMode


Public Enumeration ShowMode


Member nameValueDescription
Show5Shows the image window.
Hide0Hides the image window.
Maximize3Maximizes the image window.
Minimize6Minimizes the image window.
Restore9Displays the image window. Restores old position and size if the image window was maximized or minimized.
ShowNoActivate4Shows the image window, but does not activate it.
ForceMinimize11Minimizes the image window, forces it if needed.
ShowMinimized2Shows the image window minimized.
ShowMaximized3Shows the image window maximized.
ShowMinNoActivate7Shows the image window minimized, but does not activate it.
Normal1Compatibility with ShowWindow API
ShowNA8Compatibility with ShowWindow API
ShowDefault10Compatibility with ShowWindow API


Basler.Pylon Namespace