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Image Format Converter#

The Image Format Converter vTool converts input images into a different format.

Using the Image Format Converter allows you to optimize image processing in situations where multiple subsequent vTools require the same image format on their input pins. This is more efficient than relying on the automatic format conversion of the individual vTools.

The input image is forwarded unchanged to the output pin if a format conversion is not required.

Image Format Converter vTool

Supported Pixel Formats#

Input images with the following pixel formats are supported:

  • Mono1Packed
  • Mono2Packed
  • Mono4Packed
  • Mono8
  • Mono10
  • Mono10Packed
  • Mono10p
  • Mono12
  • Mono12Packed
  • Mono12p
  • Mono16

  • BayerGR8

  • BayerRG8
  • BayerGB8
  • BayerBG8
  • BayerGR10
  • BayerRG10
  • BayerGB10
  • BayerBG10
  • BayerGR12
  • BayerRG12
  • BayerGB12
  • BayerBG12
  • BayerGR12Packed
  • BayerRG12Packed
  • BayerGB12Packed
  • BayerBG12Packed
  • BayerGR10p
  • BayerRG10p
  • BayerGB10p
  • BayerBG10p
  • BayerGR12p
  • BayerRG12p
  • BayerGB12p
  • BayerBG12p
  • BayerGR16
  • BayerRG16
  • BayerGB16
  • BayerBG16
  • RGB8Packed
  • BGR8Packed
  • RGBA8Packed
  • BGRA8Packed
  • RGB10Packed
  • BGR10Packed
  • RGB12Packed
  • BGR12Packed
  • RGB12V1Packed
  • RGB16Packed
  • RGB8Planar
  • RGB16Planar

  • YUV422Packed

  • YUV422_YUYV_Packed
  • YCbCr422_8_YY_CbCr_Semiplanar
  • YCbCr420_8_YY_CbCr_Semiplanar

Configuring the vTool#

To configure the Image Format Converter vTool:

  1. Select the Image Format Converter vTool in the Workbench.
  2. Open the Features - All pane.
  3. Click the vTool category.
    You can edit the following paramters to adjust the format of the output image:

    • Output Pixel Format
    • Output Bit Alignment
    • Output Orientation
    • Padding X
    • Maximum Number Of Threads


    By default, the maximum number of threads is set to 1. Increasing the maximum number of threads in the vTool may interfere with the threads specified by the Thread Count setting on the Optimization tab or other vTools that internally spawn threads (e.g., other Image Format Converter vTools).

You can view the output image in a pin data view.



Accepts images directly from a Camera vTool or from a vTool that outputs images.

  • Data type: Image
  • Image format: See above



Returns an image for every input image in the new format specified in this vTool. The input image is forwarded unchanged to the output pin if a format conversion is not required.

  • Data type: Image
  • Image format: As specified in this vTool

Typical Predecessors#

Typical Successors#