Operator RGB2YUV

Operator Library: Color

The module RGB2YUV converts the color space from RGB to YCbCr.

[Warning] Operator converts RGB into YCbCr, not into YUV

The operator converts only RGB into YCbCr. It does not convert RGB into YUV.

Operator Features and Restrictions

  • Empty Images (i.e., images with no pixels) are fully supported.

  • Not empty Images with empty lines are fully supported.

  • Images with varying line lengths are fully supported.

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type O
Input Link I, image data input
Output Link O, image data input

Supported Link Format

Link Parameter Input Link I Output Link O
Bit Width 24 as I
Arithmetic unsigned as I
Parallelism any as I
Kernel Columns 1 as I
Kernel Rows 1 as I
Color Format VAF_COLOR as I
Color Flavor FL_RGB FL_YUV
Max. Img Width any1 as I
Max. Img Height any as I


VALT_IMAGE2D and VALT_LINE1D: The Maximal Image Width must be divisible by the parallelism without remainder (not important for VALT_PIXEL0D and VALT_SIGNAL).



Examples of Use

The use of operator RGB2YUV is shown in the following examples: