Operator HierarchicalBox

Operator Library: Base

The HierarchicalBox is a pseudo module provided by the graphical user interface to group several operators into a single module. This makes it feasible for users to maintain complex projects and comfortably re-use parts from previous projects.

On instantiation of a HierachicalBox, it is possible to select an arbitrary number of input and output links. To open a view of the inside, double click onto the HieracialBox.

A detailed explanation of the usage of hierarchical boxes can be found in the user manual of VisualApplets in 'Hierarchical Boxes'.

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type Operator type depends on context
Input Link I[0] .. I[63], data input
Output Link O[0] .. O[63], data output

Supported Link Format

Link Parameter Input Link I[0] .. I[63] Output Link O[0] .. O[63]
Bit Width any any
Arithmetic any any
Parallelism any any
Kernel Columns any any
Kernel Rows any any
Img Protocol any any
Color Format any any
Color Flavor any any
Max. Img Width any any
Max. Img Height any any



Examples of Use

The use of operator HierarchicalBox is shown in the following examples: