Operator Trash

Operator Library: Base

The operator Trash is a data sink for unused links.

If modules generate output links that are not required in a particular design or if some paths are not implemented yet, it is necessary to terminate open output links. Connecting open outputs to the input of a Trash module terminates these outputs.

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type O
Input Link I, data input

Supported Link Format

Link Parameter Input Link I
Bit Width [1, 64]1
Arithmetic {unsigned, signed}
Parallelism any
Kernel Columns any
Kernel Rows any
Color Format any
Color Flavor any
Max. Img Width any
Max. Img Height any


The range of the input bit width is [1, 64]. For signed inputs, the range is [2, 64]. For unsigned color inputs, the range is [3, 6] and for signed color, the range is [6, 63].



Examples of Use

The use of operator Trash is shown in the following examples:

  • 'Blob2D ROI Selection'

    Examples - The blob analysis operator is applied to an input camera image. The applet shows the usage of the blob data in the applet. In this case, the object with the maximum are is localized and the coordinates are used to cut out the object from the original image.

  • 'Downsampling 3x3'

    Examples - Downsampling by factor 3x3 without the use of operator SampleDn.

  • 'ImageSplitAndMerge'

    Examples - Shows how to split an merge image streams. Appends a trailer to the image.