Design Settings

Besides the program settings it is possible to define default settings for each VisualApplets project. These setting will be stored in the *.va file and comprise the target runtime, project details as well as diagram layout settings.

Target Runtime

A VisualApplets hardware applet (HAP) can only be run on a single target runtime e.g. Windows 32Bit, Windows64Bit, Linux 32Bit, Linux 64Bit or QNX 32 Bit. When a VisualApplets project is build i.e. transformed into a HAP (See 'Build') the HAP can only be used on the previously selected target runtime. The build step allows the selection of the target runtime. However, a default target runtime can be defined for each project individually.

To set the default target runtime of a project select DesignChange Target Runtime. From the list, one of the supported target runtimes can be selected as shown in the next figure. This target runtime is now used for your project. Keep in mind to save your project file.

Target Runtime Project Setting

Figure 152. Target Runtime Project Setting

The default setting for new projects can be changed in the system settings. See 'System Settings' for more information.

Project Properties

For each project, a project name, a version number (string) and a description can be added. To edit these attributes of your project, click DesignProperties Enter any string values as shown in the next figure. Do not forget to save your design after modification. The entered values are shown in the project info dock window. After Build, this information is included in the applet and displayed in microDisplay as parameter values under "Applet Properties".

Editing the Design Properties

Figure 153. Editing the Design Properties

Diagram Layout Settings

To change the diagram layout settings of a project click on DesignDiagram Layout Settings (see next figure). You can change the design area size of a project. By default, the size is 2048 by 2048 pixel. Moreover it is possible to enable or disable the grid and change its step size. The grid can also be enabled and disabled from the icon in the View toolbar. Do not forget to save your design after modification.

Diagram Layout Settings

Figure 154. Diagram Layout Settings