Operator Dummy

Operator Library: Base

The Dummy operator is automatically inserted into the design if the required operator is not available. This can have one of the following reasons:

  • The VisualApplet project has been ported from another hardware platform. If the operator is not available for the new platform, the Dummy operator is inserted. Read 'Target Hardware Porting' for more information.

  • The project was originally generated in an older version of VisualApplets. In the current version, the operator might not be available anymore. Check the release notes of the current version and 'Migration from Older Versions' for more information. Most operators can be replaced by other operators with similar names.

  • The VisualApplets installation is incomplete. Some files might be missing. Reinstall VisualApplets into an empty directory.

To inform you about the module name and the parameter values of the original operator, check the parameters.

The number of links differs. They replace the old paramerer links.

[Note] Dummy Operator has to be Replaced

A VisualApplets project cannot be build with a Dummy operator inside. All Dummy operators have to be replaced or removed.

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type

Supported Link Format



Type static parameter

Contains the original operator name.

Varius Parameter Names
Type static parameter

For each parameter of the original operator, a parameter exists. The name and the value is equal to the original.