Operator BRANCH

The operator BRANCH clones the input link to a parameterizable number of output links. The number of output links is selected at the instantiation of the module. No FPGA resources are required for the operator.

[Tip] Insertion of a new Branch in an Existing Link

Besides the possibility to insert a branch operator form the operator library it is possible to directly insert a branch into an existing link. Right click on a link and select "Split Link..." See 'Inserting Operators' for more information.

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type O
Input Link I, data input
Output Link O[0]..O[N-1], data output

Supported Link Format

Link Parameter Input Link I Output Link O[0]..O[N-1]
Bit Width [1, 64]1 as I
Arithmetic {unsigned, signed} as I
Parallelism any as I
Kernel Columns any as I
Kernel Rows any as I
Color Format any as I
Color Flavor any as I
Max. Img Width any as I
Max. Img Height any as I


The range of the input bit width is [1, 64]. For signed inputs, the range is [2, 64]. For unsigned color inputs, the range is [3, 63] and for signed color, the range is [6, 63].



Examples of Use

The use of operator BRANCH is shown in the following examples:

  • 'O-Type Networks'

    Synchronization Rules - The use of the operator in an O-type Network.