Operator RGB2XYZ

[Warning] Warning

Disclaimer: This module is part of the prototype library. It is absolutely preliminary and subject to extensive changes, even removal. Therefore, this module must not be used for productive designs. It is included for testing purposes only.

The module RGB2XYZ converts the color space from an anticipated sRGB, white point D65 to CIE XYZ. The coefficients are parametrizable to allow customized transformations. Since the XYZ values range [0, 100] the output bit width is 7-bit, however if more bits are selected at the output link the values are scaled by 2^(n-7) to make a higher precision available.

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type O
Input Link I, image data input
Output Link O, image data output

Supported Link Format

Link Parameter Input Link I Output Link O
Bit Width 24 [21, 63]
Arithmetic unsigned as I
Parallelism any as I
Kernel Columns 1 as I
Kernel Rows 1 as I
Color Format VAF_COLOR as I
Color Flavor FL_RGB FL_XYZ
Max. Img Width any as I
Max. Img Height any as I