Migration from Older Versions

In VisualApplets version 3, files from version 1.2 and higher can be loaded.

Loading of files from previous versions might result in incomplete designs. Some names, functionality and parameters of some links and operators might have changed. VisualApplets will adapt, add, and transform most of the module settings to the new parameter sets. However, in some cases, an automatic transformation cannot be performed. In any case, you should verify your implementation if migrated from a previous version.

Migration from older versions can result in one of the following:

  • Update to Current Version Window

    When a design using operators from an older VisualApplets version is opened, VisualApplets might ask for an update of the design to the current version.

  • Open Input Links at Signal Operators

    If you do not use the auto update function Update to Current Version, the inputs of some signal operators might not be connected. VisualApplets offers a function to automatically connect Reset inputs to operator Gnd and Tick inputs to operator Vcc. Simply right click on the respective operator and select Connect to ground or Connect to Vcc.

  • Missing Operators

    If an operator which was previously used does not exist in the current version anymore, it is replaced by operator Dummy. The missing operator has to be replaced. For most missing operators a replacement is available. Read the documentation of the operator in detail in 'Dummy'.

[Tip] Release Notes

Check the VisualApplets release notes to get more information about changes.