Operator RxSignalLink

Operator Library: Signal

Operator RxSignalLink is used to receive signal data from a TxSignalLink operator in the same design.

Both operators establish a connection without a link. This is useful for inter-process communication, i.e., for connections between different hierarchical boxes without the need to draw a link and feedbacks.

The parameter Channel_ID defines a channel ID to address the sending TxSignalLink operator. The parameter value has to match with the ID of one of the TxSignalLink operators in the same design. Multiple RxSignalLink operators in the design may use the same channel ID.

Each RxSignalLink operator in a design is connected to exactly one TxSignalLink operator via one channel ID. In the Resource Dialog of VisualApplets, you can see that each TxSignalLink operator uses one resource SignalChannel exclusively. Resource SignalChannel allows to control the assignment of individual TxSignalLink operators to one or multiple RxSignalLink operators.

This operator is excluded from the VisualApplets functional simulation.

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type M
Output Link O, signal output

Supported Link Format

Link Parameter Output Link O
Bit Width 1
Arithmetic unsigned
Parallelism 1
Kernel Columns 1
Kernel Rows 1
Img Protocol VALT_SIGNAL
Color Format VAF_GRAY
Color Flavor FL_NONE
Max. Img Width any
Max. Img Height any


Type static parameter
Default 0
Range [0, 1023]

The channel ID of the signal link. See descriptions above.

Examples of Use

The use of operator RxSignalLink is shown in the following examples: