Operator SetDimension

Operator Library: Base

In VisualApplets designs, images of size less equal than the maximum image dimensions of a link can be processed on these links. The maximum image dimension on a link is set using the link properties Max Image Width and Max Image Height. Images transported on a link must not exceed this image dimensions. If the image size exceeds the maximum allowed image dimensions, operators will not work correct.

The maximum image dimension link properties should always be set to the minimum required values i.e. the maximum expected image dimensions of the link. For example, if an operator selects a ROI from an image. Due to the dynamic ROI parameters, the resulting output images will not have a fixed image size. If the user knows that the ROI size will not exceed a specific value, the link properties can manually be changed. This can be done by operator SetDimension.

Operator SetDimension overwrites the link properties maximum image width and maximum image height. The operator only changes this logic link property. There is no influence on the transported data in hardware. Always use this operator with area and ensure that the image size limitations are not exceeded.

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type O
Input Link I, data input
Output Link O, data output

Supported Link Format

Link Parameter Input Link I Output Link O
Bit Width [1, 64]1 as I
Arithmetic {unsigned, signed} as I
Parallelism any as I
Kernel Columns any as I
Kernel Rows any as I
Color Format any as I
Color Flavor any as I
Max. Img Width any any
Max. Img Height any any


The range of the input bit width is [1, 64]. For signed inputs, the range is [2, 64]. For unsigned color inputs, the range is [3, 63] and for signed color, the range is [6, 63].



Examples of Use

The use of operator SetDimension is shown in the following examples:

  • 'Laser Triangulation'

    Examples - A high speed and robust laser line detection algorithm. The algorithm determines center of gravity coordinates to obtain sub-pixel resolution results.

  • 'Hardware Test'

    An example for hardware self test of DMA, RAM, GPIOs, Trigger and LEDs.

  • 'Image Grayscale Scope'

    Example - For debugging purposes the Scope operator provides options for analyzing gray-scale pictures. .

  • 'Downsampling 3x3'

    Examples - Downsampling by factor 3x3 without the use of operator SampleDn.

  • 'ImageSplitAndMerge'

    Examples - Shows how to split an merge image streams. Appends a trailer to the image.