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enum EGenApiAccessMode { NI, NA, WO, RO, RW, _UndefinedAccesMode = -1}
Access mode of a node.
enum EGenApiCachingMode { NoCache, WriteThrough, WriteAround, _UndefinedCachingMode = -1}
Node caching modes.
enum EGenApiFileAccessMode { GenApiFileReadAccess, GenApiFileWriteAccess}
File access modes.
enum EGenApiNameSpace { Custom, Standard, _UndefinedNameSpace = -1}
Node name spaces.
enum EGenApiNodeType { IntegerNode, BooleanNode, FloatNode, CommandNode, StringNode, EnumerationNode, EnumEntryNode, Category, _UnknownNodeType = -1}
Node type.
enum EGenApiRepresentation { Linear, Logarithmic, Boolean, PureNumber, HexNumber, _UndefinedRepresentation = -1}
Node representation.
enum EGenApiVisibility { Beginner = 0, Expert = 1, Guru = 2, Invisible = 3, _UndefinedVisibility = -1}
Node visibility.

Detailed Description#

GenApi enumeration types.

Definitions of enumerated types used by GenApi C functions.

Types Documentation#

enum EGenApiAccessMode#

Enumerator Value Description
NI Not implemented.
NA Not available.
WO Write Only.
RO Read Only.
RW Read and Write.
_UndefinedAccesMode -1 Access mode invalid.

Access mode of a node.

enum EGenApiCachingMode#

Enumerator Value Description
NoCache Do not use cache.
WriteThrough Write to cache and register.
WriteAround Write to register, write to cache on read.
_UndefinedCachingMode -1 Caching mode invalid.

Node caching modes.

enum EGenApiFileAccessMode#

Enumerator Value Description
GenApiFileReadAccess For specifying file read access on file open.
GenApiFileWriteAccess For specifying file write access on file open.

File access modes.

enum EGenApiNameSpace#

Enumerator Value Description
Custom Name resides in custom name space.
Standard Name resides in one of the standard name spaces.
_UndefinedNameSpace -1 Name space invalid.

Node name spaces.

enum EGenApiNodeType#

Enumerator Value Description
IntegerNode Node represents an integer-valued parameter.
BooleanNode Node represents a boolean (true/false) parameter.
FloatNode Node represents a floating point-valued parameter.
CommandNode Node can trigger a command.
StringNode Node represents a string-valued parameter.
EnumerationNode Node represents an enumeration-valued parameter.
EnumEntryNode Node represents an 'enumeration entry' parameter.
Category Node for grouping parameters in a category.
_UnknownNodeType -1 Node type invalid.

Node type.

enum EGenApiRepresentation#

Enumerator Value Description
Linear Slider with linear behavior.
Logarithmic Slider with logarithmic behavior.
Boolean Checkbox.
PureNumber Decimal number in an edit control.
HexNumber Hex number in an edit control.
_UndefinedRepresentation -1 Representation invalid.

Node representation.

enum EGenApiVisibility#

Enumerator Value Description
Beginner 0 Visible to everyone.
Expert 1 Visible to experts or gurus only.
Guru 2 Visible to gurus only.
Invisible 3 Not visible at all.
_UndefinedVisibility -1 Visibility invalid.

Node visibility.