Operator CLHSPulseIn

Operator Library: Hardware Platform

This operator manages the sending of pulse messages.

Available for Hardware Platforms
microEnable 5 marathon VF2

The operator uses one resource of type PulseIn exclusively. The same resource index can only be used once in an applet.

For sending messages, at least ports PulseI, PulseEffectI, and PulseSyncRequestI need to be connected in a sensible way.

Depending on the type of the messages, also ports PulseColorSelectI, PulseFramePeriodeI, PulseStartIntRI, PulseStartIntGI, and PulseStartIntBI need to be connected sensibly. If these ports are not used, they nevertheless need to be connected. But in this case it doesn't matter what they are connected to.

For the individual CLHS message formats, you need sensible input at the following ports:

A pulse message is sent at each write to port PulseI. Thus, the parameters of the pulse message need to be valid when a pixel (0D) with the type of the pulse message is written to PulseI.

For each pixel incoming at port PulseI, a pulse message is generated. If the pixels are coming in too fast, messages are lost as a synchronization is required that needs a few clock cycles.


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I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type M
Input Link all Links, all Links

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