Operator DigIOPort

Operator Library: Hardware Platform

This operator shows the status of four digital inputs using parameter DigInGet. Moreover, two digital outputs can be set using parameter DigOutSet. This operator represents the image data interface between a grayscale area scan GigE Vision camera and VisualApplets.

The operator exclusively occupies outputs index 3 and 7. These outputs cannot be used by other operators. Check Appendix. Device Resources for a list of available device resources.

Available for Hardware Platforms
microEnable IV VD1-CL/-PoCL

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type M

Supported Link Format



Type dynamic read parameter
Default 0
Range [0, 15]

This parameter makes the digital input signals available to the software. Bit 0 reflects digital input0, bit 1 digital input1, bit 2 digital input2, and bit 3 digital input3.

Type dynamic read/write parameter
Default 0
Range [0, 3]

This parameter makes it possible to send a signal to the digital output ports 3 and 7. Bit 0 defines the signal of the digital output 3, and bit 1 the signal of the digital output 7.