Operator NativeTrgPortIn

Operator Library: Hardware Platform

The operator NativeTrgportIn provides an interface to the microEnable's digital inputs. Accessible by the operator are the first four input trigger pins.

Available for Hardware Platforms
microEnable IV VD1-CL/-PoCL

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type M
Output Links TrgI1, signal output
TrgI2..TrgI4, signal output

Supported Link Format

Link Parameter Output Link TrgI1 Output Link TrgI2..TrgI4
Bit Width 1 TrgI[1]]
Arithmetic unsigned TrgI[1]
Parallelism 1 TrgI[1]
Kernel Columns 1 TrgI[1]
Kernel Rows 1 TrgI[1]
Img Protocol VALT_SIGNAL TrgI[1]
Color Format VAF_GRAY TrgI[1]
Color Flavor FL_NONE TrgI[1]
Max. Img Width any TrgI[1]
Max. Img Height any TrgI[1]